Hi Everyone,
Yes, long time no posting. I know I am bad. Guess what I did this weekend? I spent Sunday afternoon with Tim Holtz and Mario in Maryland. I took the class Patchwork Pandemonium. It was wonderful. I learned so many cool things. I really never thought I would be able to take a class with Tim but luck was certainly with me. All the ladies were so nice and we all had a great time. Tim is so funny, sweet, patient and of course cute and so is Mario. I won one of the drawings which was very exciting. Anyway, I am posting my project but it is not completed yet. I want to add a few more trinkets and other things. I will add another picture once it is totally done. So, what do you think? I just love it.


  1. just gorgeous shirley! if i had been able to go that is the class i would have taken also! what a wonderful piece.

    i have yet to go see the queens ink yet either but hope too soon!

  2. Hi Shirley! Also at Tim's on Sunday... took both Sunday's classes. Arent't they both the best? FUN!

  3. This is just gorgeous Shirley! You are so lucky to have been able to take his class! All of his classes are to far away from me, would love to take one of his classes some day!

  4. Hello Shirley,

    I love all the grungepaperquilts everyone makes ! I wish I could follow such a course..., but seeing your quilt and that from the others, maybe I should just give it a go and try it myself !
    greetings from belgium